Thursday, July 29, 2010

saja2 suka2..i'm fallin' in love with mocca:)

just want to share
a short post
I spent my time listening to their songs
they come with just a simple lyrics..
and nice song..
this is one of my favorite lyrics..

We’ve come to the final story
All of it has passed behind me
With my smile and now I’m ready
Or my next step again
I know I can’t drown forever
I’ve got a life that I have to deal with
I believe that life keeps on turning
And I’m here just to wait and sing
Yes, I’m here just to wait and sing..
Loosing you is not the end of the world
But it’s true that it definitely hurts
When I wake up in the morning
One smile wipes away my yearning
And this life keeps on turning?

one of mocca songs;)


liyana nabihah said...

nanti yana terai denga. cambes je...:))

dyenuurfa said...

band indon :)
mcm ala2 country gitu...
klau yana dgr cnfem tido nye..
lagu slow :)))

liyana nabihah said...

haha... kelaka.. klu tak tdo??? haaa